Organic Formosa Tea: extra delicious
and delivered straight to You
Organic Formosa Tea: extra delicious and delivered straight to You

SPICE OF LIFE - Menu - Health Benefits & Uses of Cinnamon (p.7-10)

Ceylon Cinnamon—a Mysterious Gift to This Modern World
Does Cinnamon Really Have Health Benefits?
Cinnamon for Weight Loss
The Healthy Cinnamon – Cassia or Ceylon
Amazing 15 Minute French Cinnamon Chocolate Beignets
Ceylon Cinnamon—Nature’s Healthy Elixir
Quick and Easy 15 Minute Cinnamon Pumpkin Soup
Magical Ceylon Cinnamon (Spell Crafting, Protection, and More)
Cinnamon and Diabetes
Dangers of Cinnamons—Not All Cinnamons are Equal
Lose It with Ceylon Cinnamon (Promotes Weight Loss and Lowers Blood Sugar)
Do Easy, Fast, and Cheap Cinnamon Incense Now
Amazing DIY Cinnamon Beauty Masks
Fast Cinnamon Citrus Ice Cream without an Ice Cream Machine
Gastrointestinal Problems? Got Cinnamon?
Losing Weight Fast, Part 2: Ten Terrific Fat Burning Foods
Cinnamon and Depression
Don’t Forget Cinnamon for Alzheimer’s
Losing Weight Fast, Part 1: Seven Fast Fat Burning Habits to Start Today
Boosting the Brain with Cinnamon
Cancer vs Cinnamon?
Side Effects of Cinnamon
Visions of Cinnamon Clarity (Effect of Cinnamon on Ocular Health)
Help a Heart—Cinnamon and Heart Disease
Childless? Consider Cinnamon as an Aid (How Cinnamon May Aid Fertility)
Cinnamon Packs a Powerful Healthy Punch
Pain Turning to Pleasure (How Cinnamon May Help with Pain Management)
Pleasurable Pregnancy with Cinnamon
Scrub Your Way to Better Skin with Cinnamon
What You Didn’t Know About Cinnamon and Its Amazing Health Benefits
Household Uses for Cinnamon
Focusing and Calming with Cinnamon (How Ceylon Cinnamon May Help with ADHD Symptoms)
A Cup of Tea A Day Keeps the Headache Away
Why Choose Green Tea?
The Miracle that is Green—Understanding the Health Benefits of Green Tea
How Much Green Tea Should You Consume?
Green Tea and Its Effects on Cardiovascular Disease, Stroke and Coronary Heart Disease
Green Tea and Weight Loss
Black Tea vs. Green Tea: Which One Is Healthier?
Black Tea Myths and Facts
A Quick Guide to Different Tea Types (An introduction to green tea, black tea, white tea, oolong tea and pu-erh tea)
Health Benefits of Green Tea, Black Tea, White Tea, Oolong Tea, and Pu-Erh Tea
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