Organic Formosa Tea: extra delicious
and delivered straight to You
Organic Formosa Tea: extra delicious and delivered straight to You

About Us


About Karma Kisses

Founded in 1959, Karma Kisses is an Asian Tea and Spice House that produces delicious, high quality Ceylon cinnamon herbal tea for clients around the globe.
Under the wise leadership of renowned tea expert, Mama Angel, Karma Kisses Tea and Spice House cares about their customers’ well-being. This is why all its products are made with 100% organic products, thereby ensuring numerous health benefits.

Karma Kisses understands that you are what you consume, which is why its initial goal was to provide its valued clients with a healthy but delicious and satisfying drink they could enjoy.

The organic cinnamon tea produced by the Karma Kisses Tea and Spice House contains no added sugar and gives you a light, low glycemic, and trans-fat free alternative. There are a few things you will never find in their teas: No preservatives, No GMOs, No gluten, No wheat, No eggs, No dairy products, No casein, No lactose, No cholesterol, No yeast, No soy, No refined sugars, No high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), No artificial sweeteners, No sucrose, and No aspartame.
Making use of both ancient wisdom and modern technology, the cinnamon tea that Karma Kisses offers is easily affordable and accessible with free shipping available to anywhere in the world.

Everything done at Karma Kisses is performed with the Earth’s limited resources in mind. Karma Kisses always ensures that it employs animal and earth-friendly practices including the use of recycled materials wherever possible.
Quality, customer service, and making a difference in people’s lives are what drives the very heart of the Karma Kisses Tea and Spice House. Rest assured: if you are in search of the healthiest, most delicious cup of tea around—which has been produced by a company that really cares—then Karma Kisses is your best choice!

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