Good Karma Fund

Your Little Cup Is Going to Make a Big Difference

Have you ever thought to yourself how one small action has the ability to change the entire world?
Well, when you buy our Karma Kisses tea, you’ll be doing your bit to end world poverty, suffering children, hungry mothers and sick fathers. You’ll be giving people the chance they need to turn their lives around, and you can do all of this while sitting on your sofa. Our tea supports some of the best charities in the world, with evidence-backed work that will ultimately change the lives of thousands of people.

We all need to set some time aside now and again to take care of ourselves, and now it’s possible to do that while also taking care of other people. After all, we believe that a good action deserves a reward and that is why our high-quality tea will whisk you away to the land of tranquility and relaxation, so put your feet up, enjoy yourself and take some time to just BE you!

We make sure that the finances we raise through our tea sales go towards children’s health care, malaria foundations and more. We also donate some to help the environment with special consideration taken to respond to international emergencies and poverty relief acts. Some of the foundations we support include:

Of course, we want you to know that our tea isn’t just another low-quality over hyped and below standard tea. It’s infused with great flavour and rich tones that will warm your soul and give you that “ah” feeling from the very first sip.

Karma is real, and by buying our tea, we’ll reward you with some of the finest blends on the market.

Together we can change the world, one cup, one sip at a time!