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The whole world seems to be on-the-go these days! In this age, as busy as we all are, convenience and ease is a huge priority! That’s why Karma Kisses products are available 24/7 with a great mobile friendly site you can access whenever and wherever you might be.

So, can’t get enough of Karma Kisses? Maybe your supply is running low? Don’t make do without it, afterall Karma Kisses teas are your perfect fuel for those busy weeks. It’s packed with all the antioxidants your body is crying out for to fight the stress of the week, and keep you looking young and healthy. Forget about sugar saturated energy drinks and overly caffeinated coffees that USED TO drag you through your week!

So, why wait? Visit us online and stock up now to stay on top, conquer stress while staying healthy. Whether you’re on a different time-zone, travelling at night, working early morning or taking a lunch break, you can easily order your favorite Karma Kisses product from your phone, iPad or tablet with ease.

To get ordering, simply scan the QR code below to be directed to our shop, or visit us at
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What is a QR code?
QR codes are two-dimensional (2D) codes which can be scanned using a smart phone to access information or take a digital action, such as sending an email, paying a bill or visiting a website. To experience for yourself, you can download a free QR code reader (for example, “Scan”) from the Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows 8, Amazon, or Nook marketplace on your phone or mobile devices.
Tips for better QR code scanning
It is important to bring the code into perfect focus. Depending on your device’s camera, this happens at different distances and sizes. Try moving your device closer and further away to find the best point of focus. Holding still can also help achieve the right focus. Codes are easiest to scan in good lighting at high contrast. Test out different lighting where the code is most visible with no glares or shadows over the code.
How to Scan a QR Code – Short Video
Video by Scan, Inc.s
Video by Scan, Inc.